Creating effective content

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hit a CONTENT button on your keyboard and magically you’d have fabulous text and visuals? As we all know, it doesn’t work that way. But, you can minimize the time and effort it takes to create fabulous content by keeping a few of these tips in mind:

  • Know your audience and target market. Understand exactly who you are trying to reach and how you want them to respond.
  • Map it out. Create a sitemap and content structure before you start writing.
  • Keep it simple. Write, then simplify, then simplify again. Most people scan web text. Use words and concepts that your audience will easily and effortlessly understand.
  • Put your most important information first. Readers don’t stay on any one page or site for very long, so put key content front and center.
  • Use simple, effective headlines. Make sure your readers are learning something useful from every headline.
  • Don’t edit your own work. Always have at least one other person proof your content before publishing it.
  • Fabulous text deserves fabulous visuals. Supplement your writing with high quality graphics and photos. If you can’t take fabulous photos and create fabulous graphics yourself, then hire someone or purchase them online. It’s worth the investment.
  • Go for quality over quantity. It’s better to have a small site with relevant information than a large site with irrelevant information.

Once you’ve published your content and you think you are done, remember…you are not done. Start thinking about ways to keep your site updated and what you need to do to keep people coming back. For more information, read Tips & Tricks: Keeping content fresh.

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