Keeping content fresh

So you’ve finished your website. Now what? Keep working on it!

It would be nice if you could hit an UPDATE button on your keyboard to keep website content up-to-date. However, the truth is, it takes time and dedication to keep a site fresh and relevant.

It’s like a garden – to keep it looking its best, you have to weed out the bad stuff, prune the good stuff, and sometimes replant. Like a garden, you want to have a good mix of perennials (content that comes back season after season) and annuals (content that needs to be pulled out and replaced each season).

Here are a few simple ways to keep your site weed free and looking its best.

  • Don’t publish dates if you don’t need to. Obviously, some content needs dates, but ask yourself if it’s absolutely necessary before adding them. Old dates are a sign of a stale website.
  • Along the same line, keep your website’s calendar/upcoming events area current. It doesn’t send a good message when your site has events from three months ago and no future events. If you have newsletter or media release content, make sure to keep it updated on a regular basis. If that proves to be difficult, remove it from the website altogether.
  • Add a blog to your website’s homepage and then write a new entry often. This will help keep your site current, and it will also help with search engine visibility.
  • Set your personal calendar with a monthly (or weekly, if needed) reminder to review your site’s content and make any needed edits, additions, and deletions. This is also a great time to click on each link within your site. Sometimes links get broken – for whatever reason – and it’s a good practice to proactively fix them.
  • Change out photos, graphics, videos, and testimonials frequently. Many times, these are easy changes that can create a fresh look with little time and effort.
  • You do not always need to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes it works to repost a piece from the past. For example, reuse seasonal text, graphics, and photos from a previous year.

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